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The 1999 K-State Spring Football Game

May 1, KSU Stadium, Manhattan Kansas

K-State Purple22K-State White3



10 Zac Burton: Took over for Jeremy Milne on the second team in the first half but was largely ineffective. Clete Wilson also played in a couple of series for the White team.
17 Jeremy Milne: Jonathan Beasley's injury has opened up more both in the game and in practice for Milne. Unfortunately Milne did not show well in the game. A lot of that had to do with the fact K-State's 2nd team D was in the backfield all day. Still his numbers were respectable 4 for 9 for 37 yards, but a big porition of that amount (21 yards) came on one nice pass late in the game to WR Chris Devore.
18 Jonathan Beasley: Due to a thumb injury which has sidelined Beasley most of the spring, he did not play in the game.
19 Adam Helm:Adam was 15-33 for just over 200 yards, with a great portion of that coming on a nice 64-yard TD pass to Quincy Morgan. Overall Helm did a good job, nothing spectacular but part of that has to do with the no frills O both teams ran. He did a great job of making sure every play went for positive yardage no matter what it took (a key block etc.), and was protected very well by his line. He was intercepted by both Jerametrius Butler and

Running Backs

3 Frank Murphy: 21 carries for 90 yards. Not a bad effort, but he did fumble on a drive late in the game. If you can get a hole for Murphy to run through he's gone, but often he was running north to south just to pick up a few yards against the #1 defense which has such great speed that there is just not much territory to take. He also spent a little time a wideout, but here's guessing he'll stay at RB for the foreseeable future.
28 Chris Claybon: Chris has missed a good portion of the worksouts this spring with an undisclosed injury which may keep him out of fall two-a-days as well. Early reports from this spring were that Clybon had been turning some heads.
32 David Allen:The MAN, that's the way D.A. has been billed by the media this spring, but it appears he'll be facing some good competition to keep that title in the fall. Allen strated with the #2 team early then later switched. He was just as effective on both totaling 46 yards on the day with a good portion of that on two runs which totaled 27 yards. He left the game in the end of the 3rd quarter/start of the 4th with an ankle injury.
34 Eric Gooden: Gooden had one of the most exciting plays of the day with a 38 yard open field scamper, otherwise it was hard for him to find any room to run (which appeared to be partially due to the second team O-Line). He totaled 14 carries for just 42 yards in an afternoon he should have picked up much more.


25 Landon Maxwell: The freshman walk-on from Liberal was listed as a LB this past season, but has made the move to FB this off-season and had a carry for the white team in the game.
31 Ryan Payne: He should be a solid back-up. Should Lazetich's back continue to give him problems though this spot could be a huge questionmark.
37 Johnno Lazetich: Missed the game due to an injury.

Wide Receivers

5 Quincy Morgan: Morgan gave a small preview of what I had heard, he'll be able to step in and perform in the huge void left by Darnell McDonald. He was not dominating though, that's mostly due to the efforts of Terence Newman who covered him most of the afternoon. Still, he will be a big force in the big 12 this season.
9 Ivan Hinson: Playing on the second team, the problem was getting the ball to Hinson. Still, he led the White team with two receptions with 2 catches for 12 yards and was able to show some speed.
22 Aaron Lockett: The "Pocket Rocket" missed the spring game as a precautionary measure to rest an injured ankle.
43 Chris Devore: Had a great catch in the 4th quarter from Jeremy Milne to help boost Milne's stats.
45 Brandon Clark: Brandon had 3 receptions for 30 yards. His size should be a real factor this upcoming season. The DB's had a hard time matching up with him, as most of the Big 12 should be also.
87 Drew Thallman: Drew had a pretty good game, he started for the White (#2) team and tallied two catches for 11 yards. With only 4 WR's on scholarship this fall and 3 arriving in the fall (but 2 expected to redshirt) either Thallman or Devore might see a lot of time early on in the fall.
89 Martez Wesley: With Morgan, Clark and Nick Warren getting most of the work Martez still found himself out on the field a lot when 3 WR sets were run. He only had 1 catch for 7 yards.

Tight End

81 Nick Warren: With last years back up out of action Warren was impressive catching the rock over the middle while taking some major hits. He only had one real drop and even that was questionable. Perhaps the surprise of the offense this year.
82 Josh Doiron: Doiron spent most of the afternoon on the sidelines from what I saw, but did see some time in the 4th quarter on the White squad. He may just need to bulk up to be able to block better.
84 Brian Lamone: The walk-on from Salina's Central High School started on the second team defense but did not have a catch in the game. He appeared to be a good blocking TE.
85 Shad Meier: Meier did not play in the spring game, he was on the sidelines with an unknown injury.

Right Tackle

65 Thomas Barnett: Missing in action for the spring game, he aparently left the team before the game. As a radio personality let me use my best voice here "Stay tuned for more information!"
68 Dennis Jones: Spent most of the day on the corner for the White squad.
70 John Robertson: John shifted around on the first team O-Line mostly, receiving some time with the #1 squad early in the game starting at tackle and I believe he also saw some time a guard.

Right Guard

53 Matt Eck: Started at OG on the #2 (White) team, switching from the defensive side of the ball. He may have also seen some time at LS which I missed, he's currently the #2 on the depth chart there.
64 Andy Eby: Missed the game due to an unknown injury.
78 Steve Washington: Steve may be have a great impact on how the O-Line performs in '99, he right now appears to be the leader for getting the starting nod in the fall at either of the guard positions. It was thought coming into the game that Washington would possibly fill in for the injured Randall Cummins, but Milford Stevenson played almost the entire way at C for the #1 team.


58 Randall Cummins: Did not play due to injury.
59 Dan Divilbiss- Dan spent most of the afternoon as the White team's Center.
74 Milford Stevenson: Milford looked a lot bigger than last year and that extra bulk has apparently helped him. He spent most of the afternoon a C on the Purple team and looked real good doing so. It appears as though Milton will be a very flexible O-Lineman (to play either C or OT) should there be some serious inuries in this area. He's a real asset.

Left Guard

63 Ryan Cummings: Ryan was the starter for the #2 team at LG.
66 Ian Moses: Started and played nearly the entire game on the first team (Purple) O-Line. Barring injuries he should be the starter next season, and with good reason. Moses was asked to step in at critical time for Jeremy Martin and did a great job. He should be a full-timer in '99 and should not disappoint.
75 Kale Miller: Expected the redshirt next year he saw some limited action on the white team at LT and LG in the second half.

Left Tackle

71 Grant Reves: Moved back and forth on the White O-Line at Guard and Tackle, but played most of the day.
72 Chris Bailes: Although on paper it appears as though Bailes could afford to put on some more weight on, he had little problem holding up in the game. Should Honarchian redshirt and Barnett not be back Bailes could be the starter here, if not he should be a solid fill-in.
77 Damion McIntosh: It was thought coming into the game McIntosh would receive some split time on both sides of the ball, instead he started at LT and did not move. At this point it looks like that's where he will stay, as a stabilizing force on a line full of inexperience.


Defensive Ends

36 Chris Johnson: It was a solid outing from Johnson who played with the #1's with Howard out. He showed some great speed, and just further proved (as we knew before the game) that DE will not be a problem to staff next season.
44 Monty Beisel: While Beisel did not have many spectacular plays, he appeared to be a constant force pluging holes and getting into the backfield. You know what you are going to get with Monty, a pretty solid Defensive End.
49 Darren Howard: Howard did not play in the spring game, but don't worry he should be ready by next fall!
97 Melvin Williams: Following a redshirt year and impressive spring game in '98 Williams did nothing to the question the enthousiasm seeing him play on Saturdays this fall.
95 Cory Hoffman: In llimited action (due to the great depth here) Hoffman appeared to play well. Still, I would not expect to see very much of him on the field next year with the experience in front of him, there's just very few places for Cory to make an impact at DE.

Defensive Tackle

55 DeVane Robinson: Robinson has bulked up since last year and played very well for the #1 team. He could start next year, but with Fatafehi coming in this fall should be a great back-up.
76 Eric Everley: Eric had put on about ten pounds this off season and looked great for the #2 defense, spending a lot of time in the backfield.
90 Steve Altobello: A starter for the #2 D, his line if you look at it in the stats was not all that effective, but his two tackles were both sacks. A junior, Altobello and freshman Jarvis Miller were a big reason why the Defensive Tackles as a group looked so good in this game.
91 Anthony Bates: Bates was quiet playing on the #2 team, and thus was hard to get a read on. My guess is he's probably still absorbing all of the schemes and little idiosycracies in the playbook.
96 Nilijah McCoy:Solid. That's all I can really say. If ONLY McCoy had not gotten injured last year. He appeared to be very close to back to 100% performance. He's perhaps the main reason why McIntosh spent the day on the other side of the ball. McCoy will be a lot of fun to watch next year.
99 Jarvis Miller: Jarvis was a real surprise coming off of his redshirt year. If the Spring Game is any barometer he will have a major role with the DT's this upcoming season and for years to come. He registered sacks on back to back plays in the first half, one resulting in a Safety.

"Sam" Linebacker

42 Mark Simoneau:Come on, need we really tell you very much about Simoneau? A constant contributor for 3+ years, Mark had one of the few starting jobs which was nailed down coming into the spring. Still, he had a great, very consistant spring game.
54 Jason Kazar: Kazar put in quite a bit of time on the field and looked not only stronger but added some bulk to his frame since last year, he'll provide quality depth on the LB corps.
57 Da'Von Brame: Coming off of 2 shoulder surgeries this past year, DaVon looked in good health if nothing else. With that said though, he played a lot (mostly with the #2 team from what I remember) and should be a great athlete to have as a backup in what appears right now to be a very good group of LB's.

"Mike" Linebacker

41 Turelle Williams: You've got to love Turelle, he's apparently back to the form he was in when he started the first couple of games in '97 before going down with a massive knee injury. It was just fun to watch him fly around out there and show some enthousiasm in a game which really lacked it. Any questions of depth at LB should have been answered this spring with Brame and Williams playing so well. Don't be surprised if Turelle sees a lot of time on the field this fall.
52 Ben Leber: Everyone knows it's time for Leber to step in and fill the void left by Jeff Kelly. Apparently that news has gotten to Ben as well, he was just a silent force which should only continue to get better. He spent most of the afternoon away from the middle LB position with Williams performing so well, instead spending most of the time (and starting) at the weakside position.
63 Jason Peter: Peter did not register a tackle, but seemed to be out on the field a lot during the second half.

"Will" Linebacker

43 Travis Litton: Litton did not participate in spring workouts as he continues to heal from off-season shoulder surgery.
50 Warren Lott: A late arrival last fall, the spring game was the first time Wildcat fans have probably been able to see Lott in action. If you saw or listened to the game you may have been disappointed you did not see or hear Lott's name a lot more, but he was one of the teams leading tacklers. Don't worry, it should be amazing he's playing this early after his knee injury. He played well in very limited action and should only get better this summer going into the fall.
60 Nick Grey- The freshman walk-on from Texas saw action late in the 4th quarter.

Defensive Backs

2 DeRon Tyler: Tyler was one of the few players constantly being listed in the "impressive" category this spring, despite the fact he was not listed on the two-deep to start this year. He did see a lot of time in the #2 defensive backfield and played really well.
4 Terence Newman: From my vantage point Newman was able to shut down Morgan most of the day, except for the TD pass where Morgan was able to turn on the jets. Seeing Terence play so much on the #1 team and Tyler do so well with the #2's it appears there is some quality depth here.
6 Adrian Beard: Adrian played mostly CB on the #2 team and on special teams. He seems to be lost in the shuffle, but has started for this team in the past and could have a big impact in '99 should injuried take hold.
23 Jerametrius Butler: Butler had an interception of Helm in the first half, but was not heard much from past that point. It's always a good sign when your DB's don't tally a lot of tackles.
35 Dyshod Carter: Carter missed out on the action this spring as he's recovering from an injury.


1 Lamar Chapman: Word was coming into the game we would see Chapman at times move back to CB where he played his freshman season at K-State, but due to the emergence of Newman and Tyler that did not happen. Chapman had a solid, yet quiet spring game. He delivered a couple of bone-jarring hits.
14 Milton Proctor: Milton started for the #2's and saw action in a good portion of the game, but recorded only one tackle.
26 Tyler Darnall: Whether it was due to injuries or not, Darnall, who's listed as a WR did see some time at Safety, recording 2 tackles while starting for the #2 defense opposite of Milton Proctor.
34 Thane Bernbeck: Bernbeck did not play much, but looked impressive when he did. Once he has the defensive schemes down (possibly by redshirting next year) he could be an impact walk-on.
38 Jon McGraw: McGraw did not play.
40 Jarrod Cooper: There are certain guys who just very much does not need said about them, and Coop is most certainly one of those players. Like usual he was constantly around the ball making noise.

Special Teams


15 Jaime Rheem: Even when he missed he looked good. We all know he's probably not going to be Martin, but if you watched the Cats in '96 you saw what he could do...and his leg appears to have only goten stronger.
20 Mike Goodnow: Mike was not really tested in this game. His one FG he did hit looked good, and kicking off he was able to boom the ball far into the endzone.


10 Travis Brown: Popular opinion coming into the game was Brown was the man to beat at P this I am not sure of that. Brown had a solid game, but nothing real special when compared to Ronsick. He did shank one kick.
14 Mike Ronsick: Ronsick looked capable, and that's to take nothing away from him. All of his kicks were in the lower 40 yard range much like Brown, so it should be very interesting to see who wins this battle.

Long Snapper

68 Neil Gosch: Nothing much to say because nothing happened of note, and that is EXACTLY what you want to see from your LS (right Purdue?).

One Final Note: There were many players who did make it in the game and I simply missed seeing perform. Those include Brice Libel, Shelby Wehrman, Brian Cleveland, Joel Condray, C.W. Kleve among others.

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